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Dental appointments are stressful. At Serene Dentistry Ventura, our kind, compassionate, and understanding team will put you at ease so your visits are enjoyable. We will help you smile with confidence.

Practicing with ❤️ in Ventura, California.

Dr. Efner with serene dentistry staff

Your dental needs meet our tailored solutions.


We start by listening

Perhaps you’re looking for a new dental home. Past unfavorable dental experiences may have left you anxious and untrusting dentists, resulting in the avoidance of regular visits.


We hear you

Our skillful team is committed to high standards, and we tailor our treatments to meet your health and aesthetic goals. Our calming environment will put you at ease, and you can rest assured your needs will be addressed with honesty and transparency.


We create a plan

We ensure your questions and concerns are addressed and that you have a personalized treatment plan.

We will verify your insurance benefits so there are no surprises.

No insurance? No problem. We have financing options available.

Welcome to
Serene Dentistry Ventura

Dr. Klara Efner

I’m Dr. Klara N. Efner

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that we can build a lasting relationship together!
I realize that Serene Dentistry may sound like an oxymoron, because we all know that dental visits are outright terrifying for many and uncomfortable for most. I recognize that, and I feel you.

This is why I have committed to a life-long journey of continuously excelling in my craft, both in my clinical skills and my ability to create a comforting environment for my patients.
From the moment you call our office or walk in, my hope is that you feel at ease and cared for.
My goal is to provide you, my community, with a dental home where you feel welcomed and are comfortable to return to, because you know you are receiving the level of care that you deserve. A place you will recommend to your family and friends with no hesitation, because you trust they too will receive unparalleled treatment resulting in healthy, well-functioning, beautiful smiles.
I aim to look after you with the utmost attention to detail, in a peaceful environment where your voice is heard and your needs and desires are met.
I feel great responsibility for my patients and perhaps this is why they often comment that I make them feel comfortable and they don’t feel judged.
I have strong values which I will not bend and you can be rest assured that you will be treated with honesty, integrity and transparency, with care that is held to high standards and is centered around you.
If you are looking for a place like this to call your dental home, contact us.
If you are anxious or afraid, have been neglecting your dental health, avoiding the dental office because you’re scared of the dentist, had past traumatic experiences at the dental office send me a message to connect. Together we will work towards breaking the spell of past traumas and bad experiences..
I’d love to help you on the journey back to health!

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