Dental bridges the lasting way to close unsightly, unhealthy gaps between teeth

Our Serene Dentistry Ventura team partners with patients to keep their teeth looking, feeling and functioning at their healthy best. 

When you’re faced with a need to replace a missing tooth or even several missing teeth, and dental implants are not an option, we have an alternative for you. Following a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Klara N. Efner may recommend dental bridges as a way to replace a single tooth or even several missing teeth.

Before dental implants came along, dental bridges were amongst the most common ways of replacing missing teeth. They can still be a viable option. Well-fabricated bridges can last a long-time, provided patients follow meticulous cleaning and maintenance protocols – both at home and at their dental home at Serene Dentistry Ventura. 

Interestingly, in case of several missing teeth, contemporary dental bridges can be supported by dental implants as well. 

Whatever the case, individuals needing tooth replacement can trust our kind, non-judgmental, gentle and precise approach to rebuilding teeth.

Bridging the gaps

If we move forward with the bridge process, the traditional bridge requires the removal of some natural tooth structure from the neighboring teeth on either side of the gap where a tooth used to be or from either side of the tooth that will be extracted or removed. This step is necessary because these neighboring teeth play a vital role in the long-term health and stability of the replacement tooth. These teeth are called “abutments.” They serve to support and anchor the new tooth (or “pontic”). To adequately hold the pontic in place, the abutments must be crowned. All crowns require that the natural tooth be slightly reduced in size. That way, the crown (or “cap”) will fit properly on top of the tooth.

Bridges can largely be cared for like natural teeth, with some additional considerations. We can demonstrate techniques to effectively clean under the bridge. We may also recommend floss threaders, water flossers,  interdental picks and brushes to aid in removing food particles and other substances from underneath the bridge. If these substances are not properly and consistently removed, they can give rise to complications and threaten the health of the teeth supporting the bridge, as well as neighboring teeth. 

To find out more about your options for tooth replacement, call Serene Dentistry Ventura at (805) 653-1599. During your consultation, we will determine what is the best way to replace your missing tooth or teeth and explain the process in great detail, leaving no questions unanswered. 

Many Happy Faces

A bridge is a non-surgical way to replace one or many teeth. A bridge uses the adjacent teeth as anchors to support the missing tooth or teeth. With today’s dental advancements, a bridge can be fabricated in a fairly short period of time, using a metal or nonmetal foundation. Don’t let that missing tooth affect the way you speak, eat, and smile. Bridges yield immediate results that last a lifetime. Ask your dentist what type of bridge may be right for you.