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Routine visits to the dentist are critical to prevent damage to the teeth and gums. At Serene Dentistry Ventura, we make it easy to stay on top of regular dental check-ups. Led by Dr. Klara N. Efner, our office lives up to its name. We take great care to create the warmest, most inviting, relaxing, and stress-free experience possible. It is no longer a chore or a source of anxiety to maintain dental appointments when partnering with our team, which serves Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard, Oak View, Camarillo and surrounding communities in Southern California.

By establishing a trusted dental home and healthy routine, fillings and other restorative treatments do not necessarily need to be in your future. Professional cleanings minimize the risks of developing tooth decay by removing bacteria and stubborn plaque build-up. Should Dr. Efner notice early-stage enamel erosion or early-stage tooth decay, as well as other early signs of oral disease, she will recommend timely interventions to halt the progression of disease. These interventions are largely less invasive than restorations such as dental fillings. They include professional services such as sealants, oral care products and hygiene modifications to prevent or protect teeth from further damage. If fillings are deemed necessary, our approach to this treatment is conservative, gentle, efficient, and precise. It rebuilds the teeth to get the most natural looking, feeling and functioning results.

About dental fillings

As its name suggests, fillings are prepared dental materials that are shaped, placed, and secured to the tooth structure to fill in the cavities, after the decay is removed and the tooth is disinfected. As decay or tooth caries progresses without treatment, it can result in lost or deteriorated tooth structure, can lead to toothaches, inflammation of the nerve that resides within the tooth and eventual tooth loss. To restore the tooth to health and function, Dr. Efner replaces the lost tooth structure. Various materials may be used to make these fillings. In the past, amalgam silver fillings were widely used. With the advances in dental materials and technology, we are proud to offer many biocompatible options, such as a variety of resin composites. These materials are not only strong, but are highly esthetic and can mimic natural tooth structure in both appearance and physical properties. They require a lot less invasive tooth preparation thus maintaining more of your natural tooth structure, as compared to silver amalgam fillings in the past. They are more easily accepted by the body (many patients have sensitivities or allergic reactions to metals, and the mercury-toxicity has been widely discussed in the recent past). Overall, utilitizing resin composites is a more conservative approach that  not only aligns with our treatment philosophy but also renders a more comfortable and pleasant experience for our patients, leading to strong and long-lasting restorations.

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