We protect the aesthetics and health of your smile and fulfill even the most complex needs for treatment

Led by Dr. Klara N. Efner, the Serene Dentistry Ventura team has developed considerable expertise in providing quality dental care through the lens of whole-body health and wellness. Dr. Efner has applied her substantive skill, passion, and experience to get optimal outcomes from even the most complex cases. So, all patients in and around Ventura, California, have a peace of mind that their safety and health are in  exceptionally caring hands. There is sure to be an option or plan that is suited to your needs, regardless of if you have a single cosmetic concern or require a full mouth reconstruction to restore the structural integrity, aesthetics, and health of your smile.

Protecting and restoring your oral health

Every effort is made to prevent the need for restorative or rehabilitative care. Once at least every three to six months, depending on your mouth’s individual needs, our hygienists will clean your teeth and gums, and Dr. Efner will detect problems early on and, ideally, before they cause irreversible damage or when they can be resolved quickly and conservatively. Generally, the longer the problem is left unaddressed or untreated,  the more dire the consequences, the more extensive and costly the treatment required.

Full-mouth reconstruction in its broader sense refers to rebuilding multiple, if not all, teeth, when the presenting issues are more complex and advanced in their nature. Our approach in addressing these complex issues, however, are never a “one-size fits all”. You may suffer from a generalized advanced wear of teeth due to parafunction, such as grinding or clenching your teeth. You may experience advanced tooth wear due to aging or specifics of the way your teeth come together when you chew (malocclusion). You may have lost tooth structure due to an eating disorder, poor diet, dry mouth, autoimmune conditions. There may have been harmful habits in your past, such as lack of homecare, use of illicit drugs or alcohol abuse. You may have been born with genetically malformed or underdeveloped teeth, that affected their size, shape and structure and made them prone to decaying or they simply look unsightly to you. You may have had lack of access to professional dental care due to finances or lack of knowledge or understanding of the importance of routine dental visits. You may have had a complicated personal history or other reasons that prevented you from seeking professional care, such as dental anxiety, poor prior dental experiences, embarrassment. There are a plethora of reasons why you may seek a full mouth reconstruction. Whatever the reason, know that we will never judge you or make you feel uncomfortable or misunderstood. We will always listen, and most importantly, hear you. Dr. Efner works closely with patients to develop a plan that best suits their individual needs, preferences, budgetary consideration, lifestyle, habits, and other factors. Your individual treatment plan may include a combination of the following services:

  • Dental restorations to rebuild or replace a portion of a deteriorated tooth. These restorative procedures range from dental fillings to dental crowns
  • Tooth replacement for irreparably damaged or missing teeth. You may be an appropriate candidate for bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures, or crowns, bridges, and dentures that are supported by dental implants placed in the jawbone
  • Orthodontic treatment with removable clear aligners to straighten crooked, crowded, and unevenly spaced teeth (as an alternative to fixed, silver-colored metal braces)
  • Surgical intervention, such as dental extractions to remove teeth that cannot be repaired or restored with nonsurgical root canal therapy or other endodontic procedures
  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures, ranging from professional teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, esthetic porcelain partial or full crowns to restore severely decayed, chipped, fractured, cracked teeth, teeth with severe stubborn discolorations which can not be whitened professionally (such as tetracycline stained teeth), size- and shape-related irregularities, spaces between teeth, etc.

Now that you know a bit about our approach and services, we look forward to getting to know you. Call Serene Dentistry Ventura at (805) 653-1599 or request an appointment at our practice in Ventura, CA, from this website. We’ll see you soon!