The dazzling beauty and durability of well-crafted porcelain veneers

The smiles you admire on well-known faces have likely been crafted by professionals like Dr. Klara N. Efner. Veneers are the “magic” behind dazzling smile transformations. When in the hands of skilled dentists like Dr. Efner at Serene Dentistry Ventura, veneers made from materials such as porcelain and composite resin disguise a variety of cosmetic imperfections in the smile. With her artistic talents and technical competency, Dr. Efner restores teeth to their vibrant, attractive appearance in a way that looks natural – like the real tooth structure. As a technique-specific procedure, it is vital for individuals in and around our slice of Southern California to trust the aesthetics and health of their teeth to an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner.

Veneers 101

Veneers are prepared porcelain or composites applied to the front surfaces of teeth in the smile zone. They may be used to cover up many common concerns, including:.

  • Gaps or uneven spacing between the teeth
  • Teeth with irregular shapes or contours
  • Teeth that have sustained excessive wear and tear and may appear worn-down or overly short
  • Deeply stained or discolored teeth, which do not respond well to professional whitening or bleaching methods
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

Dental ceramics such as porcelain are often coveted for veneers. Porcelain is both durable and esthetically pleasing, it can replicate the natural properties of tooth enamel, cover the imperfections and protect the teeth from further damage. 

The process

Porcelain veneers can be planned, designed, made, and secured in around two appointments. First, we prepare the natural teeth to be treated by lightly abrading or removing a slight amount of enamel. Second, once the porcelain veneers have been fabricated based on the information provided by the records gathered, each veneer is secured to the prepared tooth structure. In this manner, the veneered teeth look and feel natural.

Dr. Efner is also happy to discuss alternatives to porcelain veneers. Composite resins are often used for “direct veneers,” a procedure commonly known as “dental bonding.” We can apply this natural-looking material directly to the teeth and then shape it appropriately to cover up cosmetic imperfections.

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Many Happy Faces

Veneers are thin handcrafted porcelain shields worn on the front of the tooth which improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained or worn. Veneers are thin as contact lenses, and are an aesthetically pleasing option of closing gaps, lengthening teeth, and providing symmetry to make your smile more natural. Veneers are intended to last for many years without changing color. They are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in dentistry. Ask your dentist if veneers may be right for you.