Get back your healthy, attractive smile and your best self with uncompromising quality dental care that transcends the ordinary

At Serene Dentistry Ventura in Ventura, California, we preserve the function, health, and aesthetics of the smile and mouth with our relaxing, whole-body approach to dental care. This approach includes our team, led by Dr. Klara Efner, being able to detect problems and treat them conservatively, where maximum natural tissues are kept as intact as possible in a given situation. Our range of cosmetic, durable, biocompatible (tissue-friendly) and bio-mimetic (mimicking nature) restorative dental services include techniques in restoring destructed teeth and dentitions, to sustain and celebrate the distinctive form and function that accompanies natural tissues.

Should we be unable to restore a tooth due to its destruction beyond repair (irreparable fracture, severe loss of tooth structure yielding it non-restorable, severe bone loss where the tooth has no structural support left), Dr. Efner is happy to discuss options to promptly replace the tooth before devastating effects such as loss of function, occur. She also works in partnership with Southern California’s top specialists to provide seamless modern tooth replacement services, such as the surgical placement of dental implants. Each implant functions like a tooth root to hold a crown, bridge, or a denture in place.

Options to restore a damaged tooth by rebuilding a portion of it include:

  • Professional preventive services such as dental sealants, ICON resin infiltration without tooth preparation (i.e. for white spot discolorations commonly found after braces are removed), oral homecare modifications to halt the progression of tooth decay and even reverse the effects of early-stage enamel destruction by replenishing lost minerals in the teeth with appropriate product applications and recommendations
  • Fillings to fill in cavities after the decay is removed and bacteria is cleaned and cavity disinfected
  • Porcelain inlays and onlays (partial crowns) to repair larger cavities that cannot be supported sufficiently with dental fillings
  • Full-coverage dental crowns that rebuild the visible coronal portion of a tooth that has been damaged or marred due to excessive wear and tear, decay, cracks, fractures, fractured or missing restorations and other causes

We also provide options to restore damaged gums, align crowded or otherwise unevenly spaced teeth or correct occlusion (bite). These options range from periodontal contouring, laser gum surgery, referral to appropriate specialists. For misaligned teeth, which are appropriate to correct in our office setting, we offer clear aligner orthodontic therapy as a discreet and comfortable alternative to fixed braces made from silver-colored metals.

If we cannot restore a badly broken, deeply infected, or severely damaged tooth, options for replacement include conventional porcelain bridges, implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures (overdentures) and precision-fit partial or complete conventional dentures, if implants are not in your budget.

Dr. Efner is also experienced in dramatic, often life-changing  full-mouth cosmetic makeovers. She can transform the appearance of your entire face and boost your confidence by enhancing your smile. We offer everything from professional teeth whitening to stunning veneers that look natural and life-like (no fake, bright white smiles with disproportional shapes and sizes in our office!) and enhance your natural beauty or sophisticatedly modify it when you are not satisfied with your current smile appearance.

Please do not wait for toothaches, stains, dark pitted areas, and other concerning changes to arise before reaching out to us. Schedule your consultation at Serene Dentistry Ventura in Ventura, CA, by calling us at (805) 653-1599.