Welcome to Serene Dentistry Ventura, your home for genuinely caring dental care in a serene setting

Calm. Peaceful. Tranquil. Many dental practices in and around Ventura, Oak View, Ojai, Oxnard, Camarillo,and surrounding areas of Southern California say they offer comfortable care in a serene setting. But Serene is in our name! With our fearless leader, Dentist (do we need to say Dentist here for Google search purposes?) Dr. Klara N. Efner at the helm, we truly live and embody this notion.

The Serene Dentistry Ventura Way

From the moment you walk through our doors or interact with one of our kind and competent team members, we want you to feel something different. Every aspect of our practice, every interaction you have with us, has been designed with the consideration of your ultimate comfort in mind. From beautiful flowers and air quality-boosting plants, to natural essential-oil diffusers, to fresh smelling candles, to soft classical music in the background and our calming, soft demeanors – we view you as a celebrated guest and want you to feel as such. These subtle touches are as much an integral part of our practice, as the precise tools, modern technologies, advanced and ever-evolving skills and techniques we utilize to keep your smile looking and feeling its healthiest and most beautiful.

We know that many of you may not associate dentistry with serenity and comfort. We acknowledge that not all dental practices prioritize patient experience the way we do and always will. If all your previous dental experiences were pleasant, perhaps less patients would have developed dental anxiety, leading to avoidance and neglect, and subsequent loss of function and esthetics. We recognize this. We are on a mission to change the narrative and put an end to uncomfortable and often fear-inducing dental visits. We value our patients feelings and needs, and nothing is more satisfying to us than introducing individuals to modern, gentle, no-stress, and fear-free dentistry and seeing them thrive.

We encourage you to contact us with your specific concerns or questions. Dr. Efner and our team look forward to getting you back on the path to ultimate health, a smile that exudes confidence, and a sense of overall well-being. In the meantime, we’re happy to share a bit more about what makes us excited to be in our profession and what makes us  different from other dentist’s offices you may have encountered in the past:

  • Your dentist, Dr. Efner is also a certified yoga instructor! She doesn’t just talk the whole-body health – she embodies it with her essence. She invites and encourages all her patients (regardless of their skills level) to join her free yoga classes on Saturdays in the park. We believe that the dental home that relaxes together, stays together.
  • Ever visited a doctor and felt like they weren’t listening to you? Perhaps a few disengaged nods, a couple of generic comments, no eye-contact, typing notes as you speak ( it’s widely known that we humans are not designed to effectively multitask)? This is a sad state of affairs you will never have to experience at Serene Dentistry Ventura. We allot plenty of time for each patient. You will never feel rushed or unattended. You will have time to share your concerns with us. And believe us, we will really listen. Dr. Efner often says that in our practice you – the patient, not she, is the boss. And we truly are a team – you and us, because we could never do what we do without you. We value and appreciate you as a patient, as a guest, and not uncommonly, as a friend. We want to know: how do you feel about your smile? What, if anything,  you’d like to change about your smile and how we can help? What are your personal preferences when it comes to how you’d like to be treated? In our firm opinion, listening to our patients’ stories with attention, sincerity, open mind and humility is the foundation to a satisfying experience and optimal treatment outcomes.
  • We approach every service and procedure at our practice through the lens of whole-body health, treating you as a unique individual that you are, while creating a comfortable, relaxing environment free of judgment, fostering mutual respect and establishing trusting patient-doctor relationships. We offer an array of preventive, general, cosmetic and restorative dental care modalities. These offerings range from highly esthetic and durable dental bondings, to porcelain veneers, partial and full crowns and bridges that look and feel natural. Dr. Efner is also well-versed in advanced and complex treatments, including clear aligners as a discreet, removable alternative to silver-colored metal braces, full-mouth smile makeovers, and dental implant placement and restorations to fill missing teeth.

To experience what makes us different, schedule an appointment at Serene Dentistry Ventura in Ventura, CA. Our team welcomes your call to (805) 653-1599, or you may prefer to reach out to us via this website. Our office is open throughout the business week. We’ll see you soon!